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116 Hydro suspension

Started by Kimb, 22 May 2014, 06:35 PM


Hi I am looking for a test procedure to test the hydro suspension in a newly purchased 116 036 6.9.chassis 1741.
The suspension rises after about 40 seconds of running, however the rear drops quickly after the engine is switched off.
Is there a manual or set of tests for the various components?

TJ 450

Have a look in the service manual library on this website. I'm fairly certain the procedures are outlined in the Chassis & Body manual for the 450SEL. There is also a separate hydro suspension manual, too, although I only have it in hard copy.

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Thanks Tim, Will have another more through look at the online manuals, did not see the hydro section in the manuals I looked at. They all appeared to refer to the standard suspension.


sounds like there is a leak somewhere. on a clean floor, can you see any fluid spotting on the ground after the car has stood there for a day or so?
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