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116 car audio installation pics

Started by jjccp, 09 June 2006, 09:45 PM


Here's a sound system I recently finished putting in my car. It has really good sound either up loud or just playing in the background. I'm not interested in rattling the neighbors' windows, I just wanted really good sound comparable to my home system with a sub woofer. I also wanted a system that didn't take up too much room in trunk. If you like good sound, this rocks.

The previous owner had cut out four 5 ¼ inch speaker holes in the parcel shelf for his sound system. I wasn't too crazy about that when I bought the car, but it wasn't the end of the world. That fact dictated my speaker choices unless I wanted to do lots more work. For the head unit, I wanted to be able to hook up an iPod in the future. I didn't spend much money on the head unit, just a moderate priced deck with 2 pre amp outputs. The same goes for most of the equipment, I only spent around $1100 for everything. I did the installation myself so that was free and fun for me.

I wanted to use the original Hirshman antenna, but it needs work so for now I put in a replacement power antenna and it works perfect.

A while back I went through the interior with new seat covers, new seat pads and all new carpet. At that time I pre-wired for the sound system with a kit that included all the necessary cables, wires and fuse blocks.

Here's the equipment list

Head unit...................Poineer CD
Amp...........................Alpine 4 channel x 40 watts
Rear speakers (4).........Infinity 5 ¼ inch
Front speakers (2)........No name 4 inch tweeter
Sub woofer..................Infinity BassLink
Pre-wire kit..................Rockford Fosgate
power antenna.............Universal

Here's the pics:

60 amp fuse and fat power cable (red) to trunk - safety first

Poineer CD, no big deal here

this is my usual look with custom cover and nothing shows

Infinity speakers installed. BTW, the fact that the speakers are not centered makes no notable difference as far as stereo sound.

view of speakers from inside trunk, vacuum res relocated

the amp installed - double 30 amp fuse block on right

ground block

Infinity sub waiting to go in

installing the sub

finished trunk...and you can still get to the spare tire, no problem

Looks good, sounds good

Wish I could post how good it sounds. You'll just have to believe me.


1977 280 SE
1978 San Juan 23
1979 6.9 #6846



Where did you relocate the air reserve tank in the trunk ?


i am planing a similar install in my 300sd, but with a 12" kicker solobaric sub, 1 4 channel extant amp for the highs and a monoblock extant amp for the sub. i am wondering about the sub being heard through the tank and rear firewall. i plan was to build a bandpass sub enclosure and port it through the read package tray so i can hear the bass better and also some front kick panels for better sound and bigger speakers up front. do YOu get good bottom end through the firewall?



If you look at the 3rd to the last picture, you can see the vacuum reservoir in the well on the left side of the trunk. That's my temporary location until I figure out something else. I think it might fit behind the side cardboard/carpet piece that covers the antenna, sunroof motor etc. It might just stay where it it too, it's not in the way.


I had the same thoughts as you. How can you hear it inside the car when the sub is located in a well-insulated trunk? Even though the kid at the store told me it would work, the only way to find out for me was to try it. At first, I temporarily installed the sub, in case it didn't work well. I was prepared to re-package it and take it back if it did sound good inside the car. I drove around with it and it worked fine. The Infinity sub that I bought is not very powerful compared with what some people have in their cars nowadays. What you are planning sounds much more powerful than what I have. It will work. The low frequencies go right through the fuel tank and everything else. My priority was to take up as little room in the trunk as possible, so I went for the small sub. It still rocks the whole car. How fun!

1977 280 SE
1978 San Juan 23
1979 6.9 #6846


cool i would love to do it, but unfortunately i will be selling the 300sd


After my little venture into an audio upgrade, I've got a new appreciation for an install such as yours jjccp.  Good job.
1973 350SE, my first & fave



Thanks for the compliment. It was a lot of work. Even though my car already had the holes cut out for the rear speakers, this installation took several FULL days. It was worth it to me.

I read your thread about your new speakers, but not enough bass. I originally installed only the four 5 1/4 inch speakers in my car, just to see how it sounded. I had really good sound, but really the same thing as you - not enough bottom. Have you considered getting one of these self contained sub woofers? All you need is an audio line out and power to trunk area and the music will come to life.

You can always buy a new sub and try it. If your not happy with the sound, take it back. I tried a Kenwood self contained unit at first, but it didn't add very much bass. I exchanged it for the Infinity. The Infinity unit really made a difference. And I still have plenty of room in the trunk.

1977 280 SE
1978 San Juan 23
1979 6.9 #6846