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116 auto trans inquiry

Started by pez, 02 December 2008, 10:42 AM


Hello to all. I have a '76 euro model 450se that just turned 71,000 miles - my daily driver. Of course it has the trusty and reliable 3 speed auto that is in great condition.

My goal is to reduce engine revs at higher highway speeds....but without affecting drive ability otherwise - therefore, no rear end diff changes [currently 3.06].  Ideally, I would like to swap trannies and have the same 1-2-3 gear ratios but also add a 4th gear overdrive.

Anyone out there have any experience with this, comments, or thoughts on if it can be done?



Two schools of thought.  Some say the 4 speed from a W126 will bolt straight onto the engine.

Others say that it won't and you need an adapter.


That's a good lead....anyone have any experience with this?


The M-B 4 speed has a 1:1 top gear so it will not make any difference to highway speeds vs engine revs unless you fit a taller diff like a 6.9 ratio.