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116 300sd 1980 Time for brakes

Started by dizzyD, 29 November 2006, 12:58 PM


Any hint/ tips/ tricks on doing all 4 brakes on this beaut? I've done brakes on many other vehicles, but this is a first on a MBz. And looking at the procedure to change, there are more items involved. I have all new parts, except calipers, hoping they will be reused.
Thanks for all who chime in!!


Quote from: styria on 29 November 2006, 01:16 PM
Are you changing Master Cylinder and Servo Unit as well ? If so, that part should be entrusted to a specialist. Regards, Styria

Thanks for the tip, I won't be dealing with the MC, not sure of the Servo unit, (well not on my list to change) I've done alot of rear drum brakes, with the spring, clips and rods. This one has both the drum parking brake, which never seemed to work since I got her, and the disc brake, I'd imagine the disc brake part is straight forward. Bleeding the system I hope is typical?!