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You can be lucky, sometimes.......

Started by Bandolero, 17 June 2006, 03:39 AM


Bought my 6.9 three months ago and had to fix a few little things, nothing much worth mentioning.
However.....the heater had been disconnected by some previous owner.
I didn't know why, just that there was no hose coming off the heater tap and the RH hose went into the firewall and went "who knows where".
2 scenarios.......heater tap disconnected because it leaked...or worse.. heater core bypassed because it leaked.  :'(
I was terrified..didn't want to take out the dash to fix the heater core...
What a s..t job!!!!
So, today I removed the mesh grille off the car in front of the windscreen to see where the hoses went and got a pleasant surprise, the RH hose from the motor was still connected to the heater core and the other side hose had been blocked, so the core had water (under full pressure) in it.
All I had to do was put a new tap on and reconnect the hoses.
Voila!!!!!...The heater works!!!...You can be so lucky, sometimes!!!
Russell Bond - (Adelaide, South Australia)
1978 450SEL 6.9 .... #5166 .... 12/78 (Sold.) [url="//"][/url]


Just spoke today on the phone to a mate of mine who just had the timing chain done in his Mitsubishi Magna, as he dropped the car off the mechanic asked if he could disconnect the Aircon and leave it disconnected as it would make it easier to work on the car.
He was told in a less than polite way that this was not acceptable.

So maybe a similar story in your case? Some lazy grease monkey couldn't be bothered doing a repair job right in the first place?


"Frozen Monkey"  ?????????....You cheeky boy!!!!!!
Just because it has been 0' Celsius these last few nights!!!

Back to the heater tap..... whoever blocked the heater pipe that was under the mesh grille had to remove the grille in the first place, I would have thought it was just as easy to replace the tap than to block off the two heater hoses. Maybe they were just as broke as I am.
Russell Bond - (Adelaide, South Australia)
1978 450SEL 6.9 .... #5166 .... 12/78 (Sold.) [url="//"][/url]