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WII6 AMG bits on EBAY (incl front spoiler)

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OK everyone, we need someone who can speak German! There are soooo many good bits on German EBay!! Check out the following item (just type in number as if it was Oz ebay):


They include a genuien AMG steering wheel, AMG 116 front spolier; AMG instruments; two awesoem sets of Penta wheels!! so, can anyone translate and help thsoe of interested in bidding?????

Those look very interesting. The rims should have no problem with fitting our 116 but the other bits can always be tricky. That is my only concern when buying on eBay - not being sure the part will fit my particular model year.

Also, if we ask nicely, Styria should be able to help with the translations ;)

Nilo AMG:
Hey! Great stuff! The instruments are already sold! But they were not for the 6.9. Now, that 300km/h instrument is something I would like to have!




--- Quote from: "styria" ---I would imagine that I could cobble up enough of a German language mixture to do any translation you want-but, there is only one catch-I have no idea how to bring up those Ebay numbers.So, if someone can steer me in the right direction, your wish shall be my command.Styria
--- End quote ---

Go to and enter the above listed numbers in the seach box. The item for sale should then appear. You don't need to register with eBay to view items for sale.

Nilo AMG:
Damn! I lost the spoiler!



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