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What color is your W116 car ?

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My 450 SEL is (581) inca red

what is your car color ? I am interested to know in what colors the 116 was available .


My 1979 450SE (UK) is Magnetite Blue - 931H.  It is a pearlescent mid-blue and looks good with the chrome (at least if I keep it all clean!!).  


I am not sure of the actual name of the colour but I think the colour code is 525G.

The best way I can describe the colour is dark red. The colour does vary quite a lot depending on light conditions. I think it is a great colour.

I just stumbled across Standox colour formulations and according to its database my colour is Metalic Red and was originally available from 1975 to 1979.

My 78 450SEL was repainted by the previous owner, because the original white had oxidized.  The new color is pearl white.  Unfortunately, the paint wasn't sanded before being painted, so there are minor problems with the new paint.  Eventually, I am going to have it properly repainted and stick with the pearl white.  It really looks great on the W116 body.


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