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W126 grille insert in W116 grille


Had an old W116 grille shell and a W126 grille insert. Decided to see if the two would somehow fit. I’d say that the fit is quite bad and leaves a lot of gaps however as inserts start getting thin on the ground it may be an option for those willing to put up with the weirdness. Pictures attached. Should be noted that the W126 insert is smaller than the W116, so gaps appear.

Used a self-made bracket to lower the Badge screw level to the required level to meet the insert. Also used the long spring retaining clips (normally securing the inserts at the sides) at the bottom to secure the insert to the body of the shell. Bottom was secured by a random long screw into the grille shell drain hole instead of to the regular screw hole.

Benefit to this is I could use a broken Badge screw with the self-made bracket securing the top ;)

After thoughts: Would have been better to fashion custom clips at the bottom to push the insert upwards to avoid the gap at the top, however its extra work instead of using the existing clips that came with the shell. If pushed upwards, the upper gap would be hardly noticeable leaving only the gaps at the side to deal with.

Done to see if possible and to put knowledge on the net to anyone that wants to try it.


Looks very clever.  I know nothing of Merc grills.  Mine needs attention, but will have to wait until it runs........... ::)   :D  :) 
I am glad to see your work it should help me in the future !!! 
Are you happy the results you did ?  I need to fix the chrome /silver trim pieces & a few broken grey tabs on the slats.  Are grill plastic parts replaceable ?
Thanks for posting your good work.........


The plastic grill insert is avail from mb for not too much. The chrome strip buy on ebay, MB charges way too much. Dont forget the little clips that hold trim on.

Yup, what rumb said. Buy the chrome garnishings on Ebay, they should come with the plastic fastening clips too. Please do note, that they will however come straight, and the insert and grill is rounded, so it will be up to you to bend them by hand slowly to fit your grill. Take your time. It is non-anodized aluminum so you can shine is even sharper than the MB original parts which is another benefit.



     I have not read the complete post but if your talking about the thin chrome strips. I think I saw them 4 sale on Pelican or eEuro just yesterday !!!


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