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I have just bought a W116 that appears to have some rust on the wings, floor pan and sills. Where can I get replacement parts for this?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Check out Benzcrusher's post in the Shop forum.

I occasionally see body panels for sale on eBay that could be of interest (I am in Australia but would imagine similar is available where you are) otherwise junk yards would be a cheap source. Are you able to buy a parts car?

We would all love to see and read the progress with your work if you would be interested in posting pics and comments in this forum. It would certainly help those considering similar projects.

Good luck in you search.


If you want to see the car it was purchased on ebay and the link can be found here:
I am sure that the rust is around the floor pan, boot floor, sills and the bottom 4 inches of the car (it was with my 250CE). I am looking for floor pans and sills in particular. I do not see many parts online at all for that kind of stuff. I should take delivery of the car within a few weeks and then go to work.

Read all about it on
I will update it on a regular bases as the restoration progresses.

Great news. Looking good so far.


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