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W116 blue interior dashboard material.

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The interior on my 1980 300sd is fairly decent. However the dashboard is cracked. I was contemplating getting a dash cap, however I doubt i would be very happy with it. Also the sides of the center dash are noticably faded. I will also have to pull the dash to replace the diaphragms on my center vents, or at least cap the line and wire the center permanently opened. I am tired of the perpetual vacuum leak.

Now the real idea is to repair the dash cracks using expanding foam and shaping it. Then gluing a brand new layer of vinyl on top with 3m adhesive. Then comes the question to getting a matching vinil color with the proper finish. Anyone. Have an online source for it? I have tried to look but it's confusing.

A new layer of vinyl, on top of the old vinyl? Not sure that's the way to go. Also, what about the corners and angles? Without the whole thing in a vacuum bag/with vacuum pump, you may end up creating more drama.
Vinyl can be ordered from several sources., GAHH, UPH, and a few more.

I guess it could be done with some heat and lots of patience. Never tried it though.

Stan listed some sources, all should have the material in blue as it was the most popular interior colour.

Your problem will be that at least two of these sources, and UPH, supply fabric backed/reinforced vinyl, and what you need is the plain article. The fabric reinforcement prevents any stretching and shaping.

The expensive dash rebuilders strip all the vinyl and foam off and then apply new foam, shape it and then vac form the vinyl on.  One could presumably make the foam layer all nice and then have a good auto upholstery company sew a new cover.  There is a certain kind of stitching they can do that runs along the sharp edges that looks very nice.   

Honestly the only repair you will likely be happy with is a replacement dash. It is very much like leather seat repair, it will never be quite right, and the best way is to replace it completely with a NOS dash, or in the case of seat leather to use a good outfit such as GAHH.


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