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W116 blue interior dashboard material.

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As noted, nothing like a replacement dash but new no longer available, and finding an intact one one and getting it out of a wreck is not easy.  I had a 126 previously and someone had done a vinyl cover on it. it actually looked really good and the other positive, is that it felt slightly soft/rubbery like an original.  not my first choice and I dont know how they did it?  as I often note, the thing I dont like about dash caps is it makes it harder to close glove boxes and speedo clusters.

I second all of that.
Brief, your way to go is probably to remove the dash and send it out to have it recovered. Depending on location, there may be good deals out there. I just bought a NOS dash in blue last week, and it set me back 1550 euros, before shipping to Taiwan from Germany. With that number in mind, could you not do it for less by having it refurbished? A similar job here costs between 700 and 1000 usd.

I have seen a few people recover old dashes with vinyl using super 44 adhesive and a heat gun and obviously lots of patience. I had not thought about the vinyl types, thank you for steering me in the right direction and suppliers.

While I do commend people steering me in the used/nos dash side saying those would be close to close/perfect, my car is a project car that I wrench on and prefer to do the work myself.

I am in the process of cleaning up and fixing a bunch of the cracked zebrano wood at this time as well. (Pictures incoming at some point) While it won't be perfect, it will be original to the car and the story of the car. I would prefer the dash have a similar look and feel, this car was only new once, it wears its age with grace and helping it along a bit is all it needs to be perfect in my eyes. After all erasing 40+ years of age is not befitting to it IMHO.

I had my dash wrapped in black material, and it's honestly not great. I mean, it isn't cracked, anymore, and it's the stock dashboard (so someone could feasibly remove it if they want to go back to a blue interior, when I sell the car), but it looks a little funny, and there's fitment issues I didn't discover until 6+ months down the line (and the shop that did it was fairly unresponsive in asking them to check their work/try to correct it).


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