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W116 Another Trunk Lock Out!

Started by gregor77, 29 April 2021, 07:30 PM


Well, not the best intro!  Hello guys! Long story short!  I found an 1980 300SD, the person I bought the car from didn't have the keys, so they smashed the ignition switch to start the car.  Not sure how they unlocked the doors, regardless.  I have the master key from Mercedes after getting the paper work sorted out, it works in the drivers door, not in the glove box and the pass door seems to be sticky as the key only goes in about 3/4.  As for the trunk:

The key hole is in VERTICLE.

The master key only goes 1/8 of the way in.  But a small screw driver while wiggling will go in to the correct length of the key.

I have been spraying anti seize fluids for a week now and the pass door only moved one notch, but with lots of wiggling etc.

I am at a loss now.  I tried also cycling the door locks several times and it doesn't do a thing.  my understanding is that if the lock was horizonal it would unlock the trunk.

Like everyone, I don't want to cut behind the plate or smash the tail light as I don't think I will find another.


Maybe call a locksmith. They are a simple lock and once out can be cleaned and reassembled  and good working condition. Same goes for the passenger door and glovebox.
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I tried, but sadly the only classic car locksmith passed away in March of this year.  He was the best, did lots of VW buses and beetles for me.  This would have been easy for him.


Do a quick forum search, I'm pretty sure you can tap into the vacuum system in the doors and then either push or pull air into the line (yellow with green) to release the locks.
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My understanding is once the lock is in vertical, that doesn't help open it?  Am I wrong?


The problem must be with the keyhole, contact a locksmith and get it fixed soon.


Make sure you're using a master key and not a valet key.  The valet key won't insert all of the way into the trunk or glovebox locks, but will operate the doors and ignition. 
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