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W116 300SD drivers seat

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I have a beautiful 1980 300sd that I've been driving for the last 7 years. the drivers seat support padding is starting to feel a little worn especially near my lower back. On long trips my back will get a little sore. I'd like to just get a replacement drivers seat. Does anyone know where I can get this?

I bought 4 of them new from MB, because they simply never ever popped up in NOS anywhere.
Someone here will know if they're still available as of 2020. Be ready for a hefty  bill, though. I paid 250 euros a piece years ago, at the cheapest supplier, deep down in Romania. They were double that in most places, and may as well be double THAT now.

On that note, allow me to hijack this thread a little. I am faced with a rear seat spring unit issue.  Much has been said here about welding and foam inserts. My  workshop must have stored mine under a leaky ceiling. Just saw the once OK covers are wasted away on the sides, and the internals are completely rusted. I have new pads, luckily, but I am no doubt faced with having to get decent or new rear sets springs.
is there any news, updates, about these being back on offer at MB?
Any way to obtain a new-ish one, NOS, refurbished or whatnot?

I appreciate your input man but please start another thread with your question. You definitely just hijacked this thread and I need to find out details about getting w116 seat. I would prefer that my thread stay focused on helping me find a w116 seat. Can you please post your question in your own thread?

I'll call Mercedes and check and see if they have a seat. if anyone else knows where I can get a w116 300sd see please let me know.

Sure thing.
That part numbers you're looking for are
A 1269101122
A 1169100122
Repalced by: A 1269101122
A 1169100040
Replaced by: A 1269101122
A 1169100022
Repalced by: A 1269101122

Wow thank you


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