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Velour or Loop Carpets

Started by olives17, 05 January 2022, 09:36 AM



Currently in the dismantling process of restoring (for the nth time) a 1974 W116 350SE (Euro) that has been badly treated by a bodyshop in the '80s.

One of the things they did was to install some terrible looking carpets in the car which has to be changed to something original.

The interior color is Tabak/Tobacco, and it is fitted with velour seats. Problem is I cannot find any place that can supply velour interior i tobacco color.

So my question is: When fitted with velour seats, was the whole interior velour, or could you get velour seats with loop carpets?
Was there a break in model year for when loop carpets went over to velour carpets (some say 1976)?

If nothing else, I am going for a cognac two tone loop from, The car will be restored back to its original color (gold), and here is how cognac two tone loop and Ikon gold looks:

Jan S


unfortunately I do not have answers to your specific questions.

November last year I spoke with Steenbuck in Germany ( They sell velour fabrics - although some types are currently difficult to obtain. And they seems very knowledgeable.

Good luck!
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I bought mine from
But I think the colour you describe is not available!


Cabrio indicated that in 12 to 18 months they will have some velours available again.
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thanks for the reply, folks!


Velour interior would have come with velour floor mats as well.  It was the highest cost interior finish.  I do not believe Mercedes would have ever put cheaper loop carpet mats in a car fitted with velour seats.