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Tyre size for 1979 280SE

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I took Albert (yes my car is called Albert) to show him off to a couple of friends. One remarked that the tyres should be bigger to suit the car better.
Question is this: I believe I have the original rims on the car. But what is the best tyre size?

Your car should be fitted with 195/70R14.


--- Quote from: rumb on 20 October 2020, 02:09 PM ---Your car should be fitted with 195/70R14.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Rumb.
I have 185/R14/90H and the technical notes on this site suggest a 185 HR 14. So i guess the 195 would make them 10mm wider, but with lower profile?

6 cylinder w116 should have 185/70R14.

hmmmm,  I looked here for the answer. Apparently MB calls for something different?

the 195 is a little taller and wider


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