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Tips needed for interior redecoration

Started by KEVIN, 04 March 2007, 11:54 PM


Hello all,
I would like to replace the carpet behind the rear seat/rear wind screen area.  How do you go about this properly?  Also, the back rest of the rear seats are sagging somewhat.  Since I would be digging around in that area anyway, I might as well take care of this as well.  The car is a '77 450SEL. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks Kevin


Mine is pretty crappy too.

There should be a complete insert containing Area for first aid kit and enclosures for two rear speakers but the sun seems to get to them with time. Mine has been replaced by Carpet and two non-standard speakers but I will probably see if there is a suitable second hand one around before I put the seats and rear window back in.

Does any one know if any of the 126 ones are a near fit?