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Thoughts on pinstripes

Started by raueda1, 27 April 2023, 02:40 PM


Thousands of miles on the road - the often rocky road - have taken a toll on my nice paint.  Lots of stone chips have accumulated and paint isn't as nice as it once was, so I'm planning a pro cut-and-polish job with fixing the numerous chips.  At this point a respray is wildly unwarranted IMO.

This raises the question of pinstriping.  Some previous owner tape-pinstriped the car. I know pinstriping isn't an original thing, but I still like it.  It adds a little pizzazz.  So, first, does pinstriping need to be removed for a proper polish job?  I'd assume so.  Second, general thoughts on pinstriping?  Maybe some love it.  And others may hate it the way I hate those chrome wheel well things.  Comments might influence me one way or the other after it (presumably} gets pulled off.  Thanks and cheers,
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I've always wondered about the pin striping.  It was very common but who did it all? 

A pro polish followed with ceramic coating would definitely make your car pop.

I would think if you are going all in you should remove it.  3M makes a soft eraser wheel that will pull it off the paint.

If you want it again:
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Thanks Robert!  The wheels are a great find.  The use of such would be a good screening criterion for selecting a shop.  Do they use such a thing or just rip the stripes off?  Current striping is a cream colored stripe with light blue beneath.  The applier nicely merged the at the ends for a smoother look.  They were there when I got the car and have held up well. 

[As an aside, the pic is old, reminds me of when my tires were new.  They're pretty tired this point, maybe just 1 more XC trip left in them, LOL ::) ]
Now:  1976 6.9 Euro, 2015 GL550
Before that:  1966 230S, 1964 220SE coupe, 1977 Carrera 3.0