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Swapping out the dash

Started by Randys01, 03 September 2023, 09:17 PM


Ok viewers.12.5 hours to get the miserable sod out...but I've done it! ::)
After 45 years it was stuck good n proper at the A pillars.
Ive used more lanolin spray than you can shake a stick at.

Slow slow slow work...impossible to see.  impossible to get any where half comfortable to tackle it .
IMHO  because of the dopey design wherein the dash width is widest at the base of the A pillar towards the windscreen, you have to lift the dash vertically but on an angle  such that the width of the dash is reduced to the width between the A pillars.
Now to strip the dash it self...then send it off for reskinning.

The proposed supplier  requires the instrument binnacle to accompany the dash so that they remould it precisely to accommodate the binnacle. I have 2 spare dashes and tried the binnacle out in them ...and sure enuff it doesnt quite fit...they have to be shaved down.

Stand by  for the next chapter.
Unfortuntelty I am having broader problems with my phone talking to my computer to talk to whatever photobucket thingo this site uses so there won't be any photos... but really there's no key point that hasn't been posted's just  a shambles with a million parts! :'(


Here it is a month on from my last post.. :'( I stripped the dash of its innards.There are now parts all over the joint altho I like to think they are in some order.
 The outfit tasked with the job is interstate. Every time I ring them, it is something of a moving feast. So i got it  all boxed up...what a rotten thing to try and package?.  I had every precaution written on the box. DO NOT TOP LOAD  FRAGILE  WITH CAUTION  etc

Anyway she was all good to go and then the guy tells me he wants all the innards as well   Strike!!..had to package them all the box..refit..make an inventorty of all the bits  puff pant pant.!!

Next challenge...the courier coy.  It's been ages since I've sent anything of size by a transport coy but I'll cut that experience out and just say a guy rolled up at my house...dropped the box before it even left home and sailed off into the ether with my fingers crossed.

Several days later the dash mob rang to say they had the parcel...well actually it was 2 boxes by now :o
It was only 485 miles but the good ole courier coy had managed to mangle it.
So after it is determined that everything is there the dash guy says "oooooh well I can't get to it until after Xmas".
Sink me?!
If I ever get this thing specified will be a miracle.!

Dave can

Hello ,
I just recently purchased a 1978 450 se . Does anyone know about a dial switch located by the hazard light switch that is labeled ABCDEF ? I'm have been trying to research it but nothing is coming up. Thanks for your help,


If your talking about the black dial knob that's down in the console between the seats my understanding is that it is a european radio station switch/dial.  Useless in the US. I trust your car is  a Euro version?
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Dave can

Yeah it is the euro version. Thanks for that !


Thats a kurier traffic system.  Letters are different zones. Interestinly I never researched before, very little info out there, but I beleive this may be same technology used on U boats.

Further rabbit hole found long article on current MB RF tech.

And this on auto industry using tech.
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How are you getting it re-skinned, if I may ask? Original MB vinyl (texture and all), or something else?
I was thinking of doing that during my resto, but couldn't find anyone in Europe capable (or even willing) of doing it like the factory did (vacuum forming), for a one-off project.
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Dave can

Wow thanks for looking into that !


It will be reskinned in a near as possible match to the I'm not sure but I dont think MB tex is a "heat formable shrink" type of vinyl.
Certainly take this issue under advisement if anyone knows.


Quote from: Randys01 on 20 November 2023, 11:00 PMIt will be reskinned in a near as possible match to the I'm not sure but I dont think MB tex is a "heat formable shrink" type of vinyl.

That's how the factory did it. Definitely vinyl of some sort, but not MB Tex, as that's fabric backed.

If memory serves, the assembly line video has a few frames showing the process of a door panel being skinned.
1993 "Pearl Blue" W124 280TE
1988 "Arctic White" W124 200T
1979 "Icon Gold" W116 450SE


I checked with the mob doing the job and he assured me it is a special type of vinyl.just how close a match it will be is anyone's guess ::)