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Squeaky interior


I have a squeaky interior. I believe it is simply the interior panels on the rear passenger roof pillars rubbing against the roof panels as the car flexes slightly while driving.

Is there a way to resolve this? It is not too annoying to me while driving but is uncomfortable to listen to for rear seat passengers. Other than this, my interior is in excellent shape :)


Hi 450se

I have an Mb tex interior and have used armourall between the backrest and seat of the drivers chair and also between the seat and the seatbelt riser that rubs against it.  Both areas were creaking like crazy.  The armourall acted as a lubricant.  I've only used it a week ago and would assume it will need reapplying down the track.  Maybe leather dubbing might help, even on vinyl.

Regardless of leather or MB tex I'm assuming the pillars are covered in the same materials. I've used armourall previously and hopefully haven't harmed it.  It seems some sort of lubricant would be the way to go, but what to use?  Would petroleum based products be harmful?  What about vaseline?

That sounds like a great idea. I really had not thought of something as simple and easy as that. I'll give it a try and let you know how it works out for mine.


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