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Small Window Beneath Gauge Cluster

Started by 90077merc, 28 August 2022, 01:00 AM


Does anyone know if this small window has a function?3C36ED89-9E27-4BE9-B4E8-93A4A77FA53D.jpeg
1974 450 SEL


I suspect its a provision for auto trans selector guide in some early versions.


indeed this is were the gear selection indicator goes when you have an column shift automatic


That makes sense. I was imagining a space for "Hello my Name is,"
1974 450 SEL


You could, potentially, fit an external temperature display from a W201/W124 in there.
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Interesting.. I'll be in Co Wicklow on the 22nd of Sept, ptashek!
1974 450 SEL


My euro 77 450se parts car had a Fasten Seat Belts light there, but I couldn't tell you for sure if that were stock or not. I'll have to find it. The cluster was shared with the r107 and in later versions had some warning lights there. The rest of them outside of those and the column shifter cars just have that lovely piece of black painted styrofoam.
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The intricacy in these cars is amazing. It's like doing archaeology. I found this out studying the car more closely as I was removing and cleaning the floormats/carpets.
1974 450 SEL


Like being Indiana Jones, sometimes scary sometimes doomed yet exhilarating.!!
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Quote from: ptashek on 28 August 2022, 03:59 PMYou could, potentially, fit an external temperature display from a W201/W124 in there.
OMG, I love this idea.  Do you if anybody has actually done it?
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