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Sill Colouring

Started by Peter Anderson, 22 August 2005, 03:52 AM

Peter Anderson

Hi Guys,

I am going to get a new pair of sills fitted to my '79 280SE - they've been patched and bodged to within an inch of their lives, so to get the car through it's next test I'm going to do the right thing and put some new ones on.

Question though - original spec, what colour were the sills, black or body coloured? They are currently black (as are the sills on my '78 450SE) but my previous '73 280SE had body coloured ones? Which is it?

Cheers, Pete
PS there was a lovely silver 6.9 at the garage (Mercedes First in Nottingham, UK) this morning when I dropped the car off, must admit I had a bout of engine envy!

Peter Anderson

Black it is then - thanks.

I got to have a good look underneath the car yesterday with the guy who's going to be doing the welding on the sills, and it's a bit of a bigger job than first thought - ker-ching for the garage!

Anyway, after that's done, it's going for a bit of bodywork (just a few bubbles round the arches and the bonnet leading edges) and then a spray. I am looking at cars in gold to try and pick a good shade that will set off the chrome, and Peugeot do a colour called 'blaze yellow' which is actually quite a bronzy gold which I think will look great (not stock, but then the car is a patchwork of different shades at the moment!)

When it comes back looking shiny and nice I will do the interior swap from my 450SE. (My head was turned by the V8 when I got it, but I think the 280SE is the better car to fix up, it feels tighter and more youthful to drive, has full history, and has fewer faults, so it's back to plan A)

Thanks for your interest, I will keep you posted how it's going. Pete