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Sekurit glass codes mystery


Sekurit TP GS 78 240 002 is what i see on a w116 rear side window.
I was wondering about the color, which is not clear, nor green. More of a clear light brown, actually.
I google that code, and get hits for R107(ok), but also for VW and Audi, side-rear windows.
Those last 2 cars couldn't be using the very same pane, can they?

Might the glass code refer to the color? And we are sharing auto glass with a VW Fox?*GASP* lol. Sorry I’m two Negronis in at the local bar. >:(

Not impossible, but that would be a very long code, just for a color.

Most likely:

Sekurit = manufacturer
TP = tempered
GS = Glass
78 = made in 1978
240 002 = model code for the glass pane

Albeit I'd expect to see a proper DOT code.

I got that far as well, but the latter seems odd. The same pane in all those different cars?


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