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Scratched Hub Caps

Started by rparker, 04 October 2021, 05:38 AM


Good day,
I have taken my old 14" steelies off in place of W220 aluminum wheels. The hub caps need to be refurbish and probably used as wall decoration however the state they are in now is quite ugly. It has quite deep scratches at the edges which has stumped me oh how to repair.

Is it possible to clean up the scratches with oil and grease remover and fill the scratches with solder or some sort of metallic looking resin that I don't know about yet? How do the experts here do it, without just buying a new set. They are sentimental and come with the car since new.

I've attached an example of the hubcap with the deep scratches. I'm more willing to spend more effort and money repairing these hub caps rather than buy new ones for posterity.

Thanks in advance for any ideas and time spent researching and conveying information.


77' W116 280S, 4-Speed Manual


Anything metal can be repaired, but how much are you willing to spend?  These wheel covers are stamped stainless steel that have been polished.  It would cost less money to buy a new set than it would cost to repair this one wheel cover. 
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Ok, will give it a try. More of a challenge to myself than anything else.

77' W116 280S, 4-Speed Manual