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Rust Repair Panels

Started by gurrier, 29 January 2022, 08:52 AM


While doing numerous internet searches I am struck by the amount of manufactured
rust repair panels that are to be found but unfortunately not always to be purchased.

The main manufacturers appear to have been Van Wezel, HS, Klokkerholm and I have recently come
across HD and Blic.

Does anyone have access to information about any catalogues produced by these or other manufacturers.
I know there are often screenshots of pages from catalogues-unfortunately not enough that I have seen
to clearly show what was or may be still available.

I would prepare a codified database of various panels produced if I was in a position to access
this information or pointers about where to go to get it.

Direct communication with companies refers one onto the commercial traders.
1973 350SE


Klokkerholm  is easy enough to find available parts

using various search terms on can find a variety of parts
'68 250S
'77 6.9 Euro
'91 300SE,
'98 SL500
'14 CLS550,


Thanks rump,

I have seen those, it is the more unusual items I am trying to document.


Unless very familiar with the structure it can be difficult to visualise where a panel
is positioned.
1973 350SE


The Van Wezel catalogue can be found here:
Being from 2015, it's hard to say how relevant it still is though.
1993 "Pearl Blue" W124 280TE
1988 "Arctic White" W124 200T
1979 "Icon Gold" W116 450SE