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Restoration of wooden parts

Started by dima, 08 December 2013, 12:59 PM


Many thanks for the appreciation of my work! Stan, thanks for the offer, but I probably refuse. Wooden parts restoration, it is a hobby, I do a buyout in his spare time, family and work, as well as the restoration of the car as a whole(Here is more information about my car ) . By creating this theme, I would like to share their experiences may help someone advice, but not in order to earn.                    С уважением,Дмитрий.


That steering wheel looks fantastic! :D  I like that you cut it straight and flat on the top section, and on a slight angle for the bottom section because it gives it a good balanced look. ;) Did you also do the leather work? I assume the leather was all hand stitched?

I've seen some wood after market steering wheels that just don't match the wood in the car and they can look out of place, but yours looks very good and worthy of fitment in a Mercedes S-class. :)  ;)
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This is just amazing work and shows what can be done if you have the skills.  How did you bend the timber into the circle?

If I find someone here to do that for a reasonable cost I'll definitely do it as it looks so good.
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 То oversize.Thank you for your evaluation of the work! Blank steering sawed sheet of plywood 15 mm thick and processed cutters to Fight obtain the desired profile.



Dima, fabulous job! I am so impressed.
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steering wheel with inserts made in walnut root


That is really something - you should offer them for sale. I bet there is a lot on the forum would buy one - me included!
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Quote from: dima on 08 December 2013, 07:55 PM
Quote from: CraigS on 08 December 2013, 04:26 PM
Excellent work ! Want to do mine ? On second thoughts - it will take too long to remove it all.
I can tell you how to do it right

Can you tell me how to do this the right way please,


Hi Dima,

Thanks for the inspiration you gave me.
I ordered an industrial-grade vacuum pump and top quality glues, lacquers and veneers, and we are now expanding into doing this work as an extra service for our clientele.
Very excited. I will show you pictures of our first 3 projects when they're done!


God help you! whether the experience of restoration? what materials you use?


Very nice. Excellent work..
Also very interesting. Explain the step very clearly.


Ha, God help you!
I think that may be a Google Translate effect. If not, that's still very funny !

Well, I was once trained as a carpenter, long time ago.
Since then, I have build sofas, tables, bar-units, and a variety of (commercial) interiors.
This makes veneering look simple, but a more detailed job.
I trust that quality materials are a must, so I ordered the best qualities of everything.
I also plan to do better than Benz, by offering the Zebrano grain on the climate control panel in 1 direction.
I think I figured out how to do it.
I always that that was an easy, ugly solution to do that panel in such a way.
The Zebrano and burl I bought came in sheets of 5 feet, so I can be sure to do all wood units out of 1 piece.
Before doing anything silly, I have 5 complete interiors here to practice on. No doubt I will mess up the first project.
Also, I am not even thinking about doing steering wheels. That may not happen till next year.
What I would like to try sooner is to do the arm rests in the doors. Seems easier than the steering wheels, haha!
More importantly, I want to offer completely restored ashtrays, with freshly galvanized inner parts, new lamps, new chrome on the lighter section, and a new lighter included.
It's no good having a mint wooden panel on an old, ugly ashtray.


WOW, this is amazing work. I wish it looked a bit easier so I could do it myself.


Quote from: floyd111 on 30 May 2015, 09:13 AM
Ha, God help you!
I think that may be a Google Translate effect. If not, that's still very funny !

I mean good luck in your endeavors, and did not want to offend. Do, and everything will turn out


I have a few questions, apologies if they've already been answered.

What kind of materials have you used?
Is the wood painted?
How thick is the wood?
What kind of equipment would I need in order to do this?
How on earth do you remove all the wooden trim that is already there without damaging it?