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Restoration of wooden parts

Started by dima, 08 December 2013, 12:59 PM


Restored wooden parts replaced on Zebrano veneer walnut root and covered with polyester varnish. Did everything himself


Excellent work ! Want to do mine ? On second thoughts - it will take too long to remove it all.


Quote from: CraigS on 08 December 2013, 04:26 PM
Excellent work ! Want to do mine ? On second thoughts - it will take too long to remove it all.
I can tell you how to do it right


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Impressive!! Wish I had the skills to tackle that job. R&R is hard enough. Congrats!!


Fantastic stuff - congratulations!!


Absolutely beautiful. Very talented work! You must be very pleased with the end result.


n January, I will lay out the photo set of wooden panels in the car


Great work! I need to do mine, but I doubt I possess the necessary skill!!  :(

Squiggle Dog

Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful job. I love the matching console box.
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Dima, this is absolutely what I am looking for. I am in process of full restoration of my -79 6.9. All wooden taken out and will have  a furniture maker to assess possibility of restore the walnut panels. But, you have done it (you are probably furniture maker yourself ;).

So, appreciate if you can send me where you bought or where I can get the walnut vaneer plates? Or perhaps I can send it to you my Russian neighbor. Obviusly the quality seems impressive  :)


In my in Norway, should have no problems with the purchase of veneer)) I personally bought through an intermediary in Moscow, $ 180 for 2 sqm. Is Europe not intelligent masters of automotive restoration pieces of wood, rudders panel?


Those came out perfect. Excellent work.