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Replacement Velour?

Started by raftel, 16 November 2005, 08:12 PM


I just got a 1978 450 SEL US model.  Unusually for a US model, it came with a velour interior.  The fronts are in reasonable shape, but the rear was replaced with Tex long ago.  Is anyone reproducing the original velour patterns, or am I forced to go with Tex or leather?



Might be worth your while to check this site:
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I called them today.  They can't get the original material, and advised me to try the dealer - that is a non-starter.  I was hoping that there might be a source outside the US, as very few W116 cars came here with velour.

Peter Anderson

I was looking for a seat overhaul for my car, and was advised by my garage that the MB Classic Centre in Germany can reproduce the covers - at a cost of course! I think for the velour cover for the drivers seat it was going to be about 200GBP (can't remember the exact figure). I wanted to renew the whole seat, frame, horsehair pads and the seat cover and it came to over 1000GBP using genuine parts :shock: So it is available if you feel like paying!


I wish I lived in south east asia, I am sure you can take any fabric and have it replicated there.
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Dallas, TX USA.


I have found that there can be 'automotive trimmers' who can obtain these materials.  This is MORE expensive than new leather!

Most people find that a new leather interior is better for the vehicle.

Styria can supply new leather.


Not anymore - that was needed by the '78 450SEL that I sold to a friend after I got my 6.9.

As it turns out, there is a source for the velour in the US - Bill Hirsch, who advertises extensively in Hemmings, has the material for sale by the yard.  I got samples of both the solid and striped velour, and it was dead on but expensive - ~$95/yard.


Quote from: raftel on 24 February 2006, 12:13 PM
and it was dead on but expensive - ~$95/yard.

That is why I restored my crappy velour to black leather