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Hi All,
I have never had to search repair panels for my 116 before, or any other car Ive had for that matter.
But I need to get a replacement rear wheel arch panel for the right side, some stock appears to be available, but I have no idea of the quality
etc., until I receive it.
Is there anything I should look out for, or ask beforehand? -these are so far found on eBay, but there
could be other suppliers I have yet to find.
Im in the UK, so god know what the EU imports are doing, so local for me would be better if available!
Any tips?

I used aftermarket ones.  They fit well except the body line at the bottom did not line up well at all.

I used aftermarket ones purchased on eBay some years back. A good bodyshop will make them fit. Note that once the old arches are cut off you are likely to find that the inner arches are also corroded. So expect to pay for more work than it may look like at first.

We used Klokkerholm for the 6.9. It needed some massaging but the quality was decent.

I can't remember what's on Goldie. Either Van Wezel or Klokkerholm. Most likely Van Wezel. The arch lip needed some massaging as it was quite uneven.


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