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Hi Howard

Same here, unsure what make of panel was used, but it did involve having to do both the inner and outer arches on both sides. I think they are relatively easy to make fit. It was the front 1/4 panels that were apparently tricky, they have to be sourced from a good pattern maker otherwise they're trouble... Ever wondered why we get such poor fuel consumption, that's because all this chopping and welding requires quite some paintwork too!

Keep 116ing

More pictures.

Hope the pictures help.

P.S. found a close-up picture of after when the suspension and brakes were refurbished.

Thanks all for your replies, nice to see pics of work in progress as well.
I dont believe mine are rusty on the inside as they were good metal before I pranged it, but never say never!
So I think that replacement is the way to go, particularly with the lip of the arch being so specific.
I shall look at some of the brands you've mentioned and see what prices they come back at?
Cheers, Howard


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