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Removal of Centre mounted HVAC dials

Started by Gpapaniko, 18 February 2023, 09:37 PM


Hi all. I have tried to remove the 2 centre HVAC dials on my 280SEL (not the automatic climate control setup) in order to inspect and replace the backlighting as the dials do not light up at night. The heat and vent controls light up fine. I have tried pulling to no effect and would appreciate the collective knowledge of the group as to if this would indeed enable me to access the backlighting and if so how to remove the dials.

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1980 280SEL


Technical section of this site has chassis manual and instruction for removing center console.

If you are using a computer, link is on top right of pages. If on phone start at and find.

There are small light bulbs back there that feed fiber optics.

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Never stop loving
1980 280SEL