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Refurb interior/exterior services near London for 350SE

Started by Turtle, 24 March 2023, 10:51 AM


Hi all,

I recently purchased a 350SE and I'm looking at doing some restoration work before driving it to Le Mans this year.

The previous owner spent a lot on the mechanical aspects in 2022 and the car has been kept in storage for 20+ years. There are only a few imperfections on the paintwork but I have noticed a few scratches on the wheel trims. I live in the south east of England (Bucks) and was wondering if anyone knows the best way to refurb the steel wheel trims or any companies that can provide repainting services? I'd also like to get the leather interior refurbished so any recommend companies for this are also appreciated.


GAHH, World Upholstry and are the 3 best suppliers of seat covers and carpets. Any good trimmer in your area should be able to install them.
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