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rechroming, part one

Started by Big_Richard, 13 May 2008, 04:51 AM






Very nice PB.

We gonna see a before and after of it complete?  New, it looks immaculate when it's without surface imperfections but a camera doesn't convey the difference as good as actually seeing the difference first hand.  It was one thing that struck me the first time I went to a concours and saw the difference.  I hadn't seen the trim look so good before.
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TJ 450

That's seriously good... these cars would have looked spectacular right out of the factory.

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And going to get more difficult. With all the water restrictions, it is only going to get more diffcult to be able to do it yourself. In Germany, it is very uncommon for anyone to wash their own car. Most go to car washes. I am not completely sure, but I think it has to do with the recycling of water and why it is discouraged to do it yourself. In the cities especially, most people live in apartments, so it is impractical to do it yourself anyway, but the chemicals used in the car washes are pretty strong, and one of the reasons why our anodised aluminium goes milky.

It does make it somewhat easier to keep the chrome clean by using a good quality chamois after washing - and not one of those synthetic ones.

Screamin TE

regarding the rubber gaskets between the trim and the body. If you try a place like clarke rubber you should be able to get some thin rubber sheet you would be able to make new ones out of. I know it wont be concours but it will be closer then ahving a crappy one or none at all.


PB, looking simply brilliant (have started catching up on old posts)!!!
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


Hi Chris,

Does this mean you might be contemplating anything 116 - like.