Rear View Interior Mirror ball joint very loose.

Started by Alex, 22 February 2024, 05:12 AM


Hi all,
Just bought a 77' 280SE about a month ago.
The rear view mirror is quite dodgy, the ball hinge is loose as hell, and struggles to stay in place, and moves with any little bump or heavy acceleration.

I did read somewhere that it is not possible to detach the ball joint to service. (Ball from the joint, not the roof). My intention was to detach it and place some plastic in the joint to make it tighter.

Is there any other way of achieving the same effect without replacing the entire assembly altogether? (I am also having trouble removing the mirror from the roof altogether).

I did try putting an aftermarket mirror (Large mirror from SCA), on the top and using the mirror tilt to lock it's position in more solidly. But this still moves around with bumps etc. due to the weight.

Is there any good way of tightening this joint without replacing it? (I am not paying 200 dollars on ebay)

77' 280SE Classic White (198,000km)


$36 on fleabay.

These mirrors can become extremely hard to pop out. Perpaps spray lube in where the mirror connects to the base.

Just replace mirror and bracket.
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Cheers boss, but I am in Australia. Shipping from the states to here is like 70 bucks. (and that's on the good end, with it taking about 5 months).
77' 280SE Classic White (198,000km)


I've shipped to Aus plenty of times using postal service by air.  Not that pricey and from Canada to Aus takes about a week to 10 days max door to door.
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I took a bit more of a look around, but the typical price is around 60 bucks shipping, sometimes as high as 120.
(2-3 months).

On the low end, I did find some stuff closer to 30-40 bucks. But the product price was higher.
77' 280SE Classic White (198,000km)


ill have a look Sparkar, im in Perth an confident I have some.  Interesting, I dont know Ive seen one fail and get floppy like you describe before.
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Picked up a used one from a wreck.  $25 aussie.

Gentle but forceful pressure will pop out the old one.

Getting the replacement in without doing damage was a bit harder (& time consuming)

That was 2 years ago.