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Rear glass

Started by Andras, 26 June 2021, 10:16 AM


Hi guys, I'm new here...
Trying to put together my '78 280SE after a respray job but managed to break the rear windshield in the process  :-[ and haven't been able to find a replacement since. Tried Gumtree and other local online sources, but no luck so far. If anybody happens to know about one available for pulling (in Australia), please let me know. New glass from overseas would come at unreasonable prices unfortunately... Any help appreciated.
Many thanks!!


Hi and welcome to the fold.

try City Dismantlers at Gepps Cross.


Thanks, will check them out. Cheers!


Let us know if you're successful locally or not.
There are a couple of possibilities here in Melbourne also.

Hint, if you've gone that far, it's advisable to put in a new rubber seal also, if you haven't already


Hi all & sorry mrkozzy for missing your reply! Bit too many things have been going on since, but - this is to let you guys know that I managed to get a new aftermarket glass locally. Source was Auto Glass Warehose, Sydney. Things did not go quite smoothly as I got a W166 glass first (no big deal, just one digit difference...) Problem was I did not open the package for months, thinking it was the safest way to store it. On discovery of the error, Auto Glass W. offered a same day replacement at my doorstep with no charge and they really did it. Correct hue tint with no demister AUD 485 + AUD 88 freight. Went in easily with a new seal. Maybe a little too easy, but hope after the sealant and trims in place it will be ok. MANY THANKS FOR ALL WHO TRIED TO HELP!


Thanks for the feedback!! I may need a front windscreen so they will be on the suppliers to try!
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If it fits and doesn't leak, that's a great price. Are there any manufacturer markings in the glass?
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Yes there is a stamp at the lower right cnr of the glass, will check it out next time when I can get there (car is not at home as we could not get our carport up yet...) There was also a small sticker on the paper the glass came in, maybe with a blue globe on it... (?) Will take a pic and try to upload it here.


Hi Andras,
I have one w116 rear screen available, if you don't have any luck locally let me know and we will see what can be done to ship it from Vic.
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Hi all, so this is what is stamped on the lower left cnr (not the right) Hope the attachment will appear here somehow...
Many thanks robertd, but as mentioned above I already got an aftermarket glass ... but I'll keep that in mind if this one turns out to be leaky due to incorrect shape or size.
Next question is that 17 little clips that hold the trim around the glass in place. Any idea if those are available new from somewhere? I only have about half of them left in re-useable condition.
Many thanks and a great weekend to all!


Hi Andras,

Are these which you refer to.

I was looking for myself also-they seem fairly expensive particularly when there
are about 16 needed.

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Personally I would replace them all regardless of condition along with the rivets.
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Looks like it's this crowd who made that rear glass pane:
I've never heard of them, but nice to see someone supplying glass for our cars still!
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1988 "Arctic White" W124 200T
1979 "Icon Gold" W116 450SE


Hi gurrier, goes without question, these are not cheap. May be the one, depending on what the other side looks like. (see pic.) Would prefer the bigger one as that has tabs instead of spikes, so does not dig into the surface of the alu strip. Mine seems to be a mixed lot, with big ones on the left & right upper halves and small ones along the lower edge, except the middle one, which is a big one again. (?)
Daantjie, sure I want to use new ones if available ...


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