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Rear glass

Started by Andras, 26 June 2021, 10:16 AM


Thanks very much rump and Andras

Mine have totally disintegrated and I consequently can't make out
if there was a mixture of sizes as there are on yours.

I have no doubt out very helpful Gurus will enlighten us as to the
correct configuration.

1973 350SE


Sorry rumb,

It would help if I actually read the post correctly first.

As we say sometimes I am a little slow on the uptake.

1973 350SE


Finding replacement auto glass can be a challenging task, especially for older models. If you haven't had any luck with local sources, you may want to consider contacting specialized auto glass shops that deal with vintage or rare car models. Additionally, online forums and communities dedicated to vintage car enthusiasts may be a helpful resource for finding a replacement rear windshield. While importing new glass from overseas may be costly, it may be worth considering if all other options are exhausted. However, I would recommend reaching out to a trusted auto glass specialist for advice on the best course of action. Good luck with your search! For anyone in the Fort Collins area looking for window repair services, be sure to check out They offer high-quality and affordable auto glass repair and replacement services.


Welcome to the club.  The OP is in Australia but I am in Fort Collins also - how unusual!
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