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Rear decklid model insignia grommets


Hi there, maybe someome can help me..i have a 75 280S and i looking for model emblem grommets for trunk. I bought some plastic ones but they seem to small for plastic pegs on mine to go original grommets appear to be metal. Does anyone have a part number for the metal grommets?

The metal clips, part number 116-988-09-78, and used up until chassis number 069958, are no longer available. In order to use the later plastic grommets you'll have to buy a later type designation that has the correct sized legs to go into the plastic grommets.  Nothing on the type designation or the "legs" should be plastic.  It should all be anodized aluminum. 

The later style grommets are 123-997-03-81, and the later style type designation is 116-817-16-15.  Sadly, neither the early or late style type designations show to be available, either.  So at this point you'll either have to source a used late style type designation or go on a deep hunt for the early style metal clips. 


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