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Random interior fan activation?

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This is a weird one. Took my 280se out to deliver necessary items to mother-in-law.
After being out for an hour or so, the interior fan suddenly came on, and continued on full blast
for the trip home? None of the dials or sliders made any difference, and when I stopped and restarted the engine
it carried on!
I left the car to cool (it was a hot day, the first the car had encountered since Ive had it), restarted it to put it back
in the garage and the fan didn't come on??

Has anyone experienced this?
Its nice to have automatic 'climate control' but not if i dont want it, and it is very loud!

Sounds like "mother-in-law" issues to me.

But seriously, have you had anything re-wired in the car recently or in the past?
I've just found out my airconditioning man rewired the system so the front electric fan is "always on" which is incorrect.

I've been bewildered why the front of the car has been noisier than normal.

Just a thought

Hmmm? I did remove the Becker radio to clean it?
Maybe I disturbed something then?

Strange that it randomly happened 30 miles and several hours into the driving day?

Ill see what happens if I can take it out again for legitimate reasons, or after lock-down?

I might check the wiring behind the radio too


Now fixed, removed the switch from under the wipers, and bent the filament back so it didn't make contact.
Now it works perfectly. No idea why it had this, I dont have aircon?

That is the blower resistor thus not dependent on you having ac or not.


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