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Polishing rear tail light lenses

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I recently got this 2-stage plastic polishing kit to restore the clear instrument panel lens.

The lens wasn't bad at all, but the kit made it look absolutely new.  Same for the MB logo disk in the steering wheel.  In both cases there was a slight surface haze that wasn't even noticeable until it was gone.  surfaces are now mirror-reflective.  Now I wonder about doing the tail light lenses.  I wouldn't hesitate except that I know that some exterior plastic parts are coated (and with high levels of UV absorber).  I have no idea is old MB lenses are coated, but if they are then polishing is probably a bad idea.  Does anybody know for sure?  Thanks and cheers,

Hi, any before and after pics? I had a few bulbs out on my 280SE and when I pulled the cover off, I could see dirt inside the lens meaning the seals have gone bad... Changing the bulbs isnt helping and I even tried cleaning the contacts using vinegar and some light sanding

Dave  I 've thought about polishing the rear lenses but have decided to replace with brand new$$$
That said I would have no hesitation in polishing them and any surface UV treatment they may or may not of ever had has long disappeared into the Ozone layer.
I reckon you will get a fair result bearing in mind they get very deeply scratched over 40 years of washing the sandy road grime off.

I haven't done it yet, been preoccupied with other issues.  But now I certainly will!  They're actually in good shape overall, but why not make them sparkle and gleam?  Cheers,

Has anyone found a good polisher to fit in a drill bit for this?


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