Pls post some pics of a 116 with a 126 steering wheel

Started by 13B, 23 June 2007, 08:19 PM


Can someone who has done the conversion pls post a picture and explain what was needed to be done (if it doesn't just fit straight on).

I saw this one on 'bay but I'm not sure whether its too small (looks like it might be a 13" wheel or something), and not sure whether the boss kit is suitable for the 116s:

I wouldn't want a wheel smaller than 14"...

Before anyone asks, the standard 116 steering wheel is OK, once you get used to the size, but I'm still having trouble adjusting to the thin rim.

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Hi 13B

FWIW, there's AMG 4 spoke wheel types that look better IMO than the 3 spoke one you link to.  Also $300 seems steep.  I paid around $200 for my Italvolanti ones, the wooden one which was new with a new boss kit too.

Anyway, I've collected a few steering wheels and have asked the question about compatability a few times to be able to tell you the following -

Spline size
From 1978 onwards, w116's had the larger spline size of approx 20mm diameter. This goes for all W126's and I'm not sure what else.
Pre '78 w116's w123's w107's 108/9's, 114/5's, w111,112,113 all had 15mm splines though the style of OEM steering wheels differed amongst some of those chassis.  ie 108 v 116 wheels with hornring v hornpad etc.

The best thing for you to do is prise the hornpad off your steering wheel and look.  Is the spline 15 or 20mm diameter.  You could remove the wheel and look at its boss from the rear side.  Get familliar with the following pics and you should be able to tell whether a wheel will fit your spline based on photos.

The following boss kits are from an ebay seller trish5731 from whom I bought my wooden steering wheel
The first is the 1978 onwards larger spline size, the second pic is of a pre '78 smaller 15mm diameter spline.  The difference in relation to the brass horn contacts is obvious and whilst these two pics are of boss kits, the view of OEM steering wheels from the same angle is virtually identical in both cases.

Steering wheel size -
My steering wheels below are both Italvolanti brand who also made the AMG steering wheels.  They all seem to be 380mm diameter whereas the OEM wheel of w116's is approx 410mm.  I'd assume the w126 wheel is very close to that too if not the same.  The third pic was taken by Mforcer of an AMG steering wheel on an AMG6.9 at the classic centre.  I don't know if the diameter is any bigger BTW.  Mforcer??

The difference this makes is that your view of some instruments is impaired.  Not that it bothers me too much.  Engine and exhaust sound plus blurring scenery tell me what I need to know  ;D
But here's the restriction on your field of view so to speak. 

In closing and in relation to the thread topic question.  I don't have a photo of a w116 with an OEM w126 steering wheel, however, I have seen more than a couple of w116's on ebay with w126 steering wheels.  I don't think I ever saved those pics because I'm not fond of w126 wheels.  Styria has also stated in the past that he has fitted a w126 wheel to a 6.9.  If you have the larger spline, the w126 will fit.

I've also seen w108 wheels on w116's but they don't suit IMO.
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Thanks Oscar, Styria,

I asked the momo seller if it would fit a w116 and he came back with a pic of it installed on his 116... It looks nice enough (if you go back to the auction you can see he's added the picture) but it obscures too much of the instruments... 

Looking at the stock wheel I think I'm after something perhaps up to 1 inch smaller, and with a slightly thicker rim.  I notice a couple of 560-series AMG wheels on the 'bay at the mo, but I think they might still be too small...

Any ideas much appreciated.


450SEL 6.9 #5440 = V MB 690 , 450SE # 43094 = 02010 H , 190E/turbo # 31548 = AOH 68K