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Painting Hubcaps

Started by oscar, 15 February 2006, 08:21 AM


A little altercation with a gutter saw me spending a few hours today spraying a spare hubcap. I've seen an original factory masking set on ebay that sold for over $100 AUD last year and some other internet site I think in the US sells rubber masks.  Without these items what have you used, what's your solutions?

I tried tape, paper and electrical, gave up on cutting a mask out of newspaper, tried blutac on the inner circle.  In the end I tore it all off, sprayed the hubcap covering the inner star and circle and got overspray on the outer.  My next step was to use artist's brushes of various small sizes dipped into thinners and dissolve and lift the paint off the chrome that should've been masked.  Took just over an hour to meticulously lift the overspray but the end result is superb.  No need to post a pic, just imagine a good looking hubcap.

So that was my solution.  Another obvious one would be to buy alloys.  Any other suggestions out there?

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If you lift the masking tape before the paint dries then it should not flake away.
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