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Other people tinkering with W116 in Taiwan, apparently.

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"Use right-click google translate :)

Comments on the work?

Did they not know that the correct velour carpeting is available?.....they matched the new carpet color to the dirty carpet color of the original.  I give the an A for effort, but an F on restoring it to original.  And they called the wood's zebrano.  But that's nitpicking.  Even so, I'd much rather seen one still alive and kicking than to be rotting away in a driveway.  Good on them!  :)

I like his page for Typewriters in Movies.


--- Quote from: floyd111 on 30 June 2021, 05:49 PM ---Comments on the work?

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Pure speculation here... but!
Your parts go missing, and suddenly a new project like this pops up when there was none before?
Have you wondered how many of your parts are in that car?

I'd be asking some probing questions I think.

I can see Stan sending over the heavies with some baseball bats ::)


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