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Other people tinkering with W116 in Taiwan, apparently.

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Yaeh, I spoke of that before. My parts are all over the net here, easy to recognize, rare as can be. Been going on for several years. Can't do nothing about it, for they weren't the ones who took the stuff. They bought it from the thief, or the thief's contact contact etc.
Well, what I can do is avoid any local W116/W123 googles That's just self-torture.
And yes, there has been a very noticble boom in Taiwan W116. At least 3 or 4 cars have popped up in the last 2-3 years, one of them seemingly wellrestored with more than a few of my parts, the other 3 a mixed bunch, barely made drivable, partially with my parts.

Then there is this thing, a factory-built 450SEL Limo with inner glass partition, it seems.It's very shiny and has to cost at least 25 grand to obtain the slip. No doubt a fresh US import with swapped Taiwan original plates from a dump-donor. So iat least it's "legal" to drive.

Maybe a GoFundMe page? "Stan needs W116!" ;D


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