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Oris hitch original manual

Started by floyd111, 16 October 2016, 12:51 AM


I am looking for some data regarding the original Oris hitch for W116. (E87 model)
It seems that the Oris was Euro-only. Correct? Seems there is no "hitching mechanism" column for US-spec cars among the few parts fiche-sites.
It seems that the manual that came with the original factory-installed Oris was simply an Oris leaflet. Is that correct, or was there a Mercedes/Oris leaflet at the time? I have seen such MB leaflets for later models, but not for W116.

If anyone has either, but especially the MB version, I would love to buy it, or buy a quality xerox version of it.
I have seen that there is a free download for it at, but it's a pretty rough PDF/Scan. Not my favorite.