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Need Part Number

Started by Taha, 26 April 2023, 03:44 AM



Anybody knows the part number of the metal clip that holds the side carpets inside the trunk?
Also I need the rear speaker cover screws (x6). Seems that they are hard to find. I'm trying to find an alternative but don't have the size. Appreciate your help in advance.

1978 280S


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RUMB, the clip you reference is an "S" shaped clip for holding wire looms onto sheet metal pieces, as well as holding the metal tube for the sunroof cable in the trunk.  There are three different sized and three different part numbers for them, which shows as such on the link you provided.

What Taha needs looks like what is in the picture below.  The correct part number is 126-693-00-14. However, no W116 ever had these clips, but they should have. Many people have added them over the years to help hold up the side panels that like to curl down.  If this is a show car, I wouldn't use them.  Otherwise they're very helpful.

These show to still be available, and are priced here in the U.S. at around $5.00 each.  Though, in Iran they're likely priced much higher. 
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Thanks Aaron, very helpful. I did some google search and I was wondering why those clips are so small. I thought maybe the pictures are not showing the actual item. Anyway thanks for clarification.

1978 280S