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I am trying to find out if these people can supply 901 anthracite velours material in ribbed and plain.   All other sources are NLA.  Looks like these people custom dye the fabric.

3 different types of velour: smooth stripes W 126 Coupe We recreate the original velour.If you need this material, please contact us!We can offer you: Material "smooth" or in "stripes" from stock - currently reproduced in November 2005 in medium blue reproductions in different colors according to your wishes for complete equipment.Material in "raw white" for self-dyeing or we dye according to your pattern for repair purposes.This requires a precise agreement! Please tell us exactly which car you have, if available color code or color number and what you want to do.New equipment or partial repair!!!!

They only ship to Europe.  I have tried emailing them and received no answer. I would appreciate someones assistance to get availability and pricing and then assist with forwarding me the product once ordered. I need enough for entire interior, seats, arm rest, headrests x4, door panels. 

Robert whilst I cannot help on this i see you've also encountered some headaches with getting stuff from the Benz Vaderland...I have found either the response is super quick and efficient in true German fashion or you get crickets.
I can only guess a language barrier might be at play or unwillingness to ship outside of Europe or both ???

Jan S:
rumb, I can help you, but I'm not sure it's the best way forward  :-\

I live in Norway, speak German, but if I buy this I have to pay transport to Norway + VAT 25% + transport to you.

The best thing is maybe to give the transport job to UPS (they pick it up in Germany for you, if supplier permits). I can help you get in contact with dealer, order and fill out papers. I've done similar processes before.

A German member would have more options, if dealer does not allow UPS to pick it up.

DHL is much stronger in Germany than UPS just FYI.  They also have very good door - to - door service into Canada and thus I would assume even better into the US.

Steenbuck only sell to trade customers and will ghost you the second you can't prove you're an upholstery shop. It's a waste of time and effort.


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