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Need assistance of euro member

Started by rumb, 18 November 2021, 06:47 AM


For what its worth

Todays Velour fabrics are manufactured from polyester and cotton. It's still used in seat covers & upholstery.
Its a fabric that doesn't breathe well, hence the tendency for it to get uncomfortable in hot climates, or when you've been sitting on it for too long,.

1970's velour may have been more cotton than polyester, I can't remember, (20+ years in the RAG trade, you think I'd know this stuff backwards).
As for dyeing the material, its more common than you think.  Find a dyeing company that does "Fabric Fire retarding" work and they usually have the correct answers & dyes for this sort of job. Its what they do.

Back many years ago, we would get velour fabrics dyed to customer colors (corporate colors) & then get them "Fire/Flame Retardent" treated (as is the law here in Oz for any fabric in public areas).

There will probably be minimum quantity of metres/yards that you would have to do, but you never know.



Anyone have pictures of the bottom/back edge of front seat cushions that shows the grommet and where the wires for seat heaters comes out?
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I've never seen a W116 with heated front seats that had this eyelet you're referring to. The rear seats had them, but I've never seen them on the front.  The heat pad wires always run over to the side, down one of the seat hinges, cable tied to the seat bottom springs, and then plugged to the wire harness.  There are also clips that hold the plugs in place. 
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Thanks for that info.  When I pulled the heating pads out of a parts car I did it fast and dirty.  I remember some grommets somewhere, but not that detail.
'68 250S, '77 6.9 euro, '91 300SE, '98 SL500 '14 CLS550, '16 AMG GTS


I found another upholstry supplier i am checking to see if they have the material.

Also learned that gahh in cali will sew the covers in velours.

Thx to Jan learned that cabrio plans on looming more in a year plus from now.
'68 250S, '77 6.9 euro, '91 300SE, '98 SL500 '14 CLS550, '16 AMG GTS