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Need a USA Headlight trim door

Started by Rolo, 06 January 2022, 05:41 PM


I found left side, but oddly right are NLA from USA dealers.  I guess people have more collisions on the left side so MB had a bunch of those made up.  Some Googling found one at Wox Parts Group in Latvia.  Also found which disclaims that it's OEM and they charge 89 E to ship to the US.

Any experience with either?


Rolo, do you mean the chrome trim on the bonnet above the headlight?
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No I'm guessing these are the plastic bezels he is referring to.
Easy fix, get Euro headlights  ;D
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Clear plastic.

Euro lights would be a downgrade in lighting.  I'm running H4 and H1 with 100w bulbs.


i tried to order them also at an german dealership  but i also got the message that the right bezel is NLA and the left ones are maybe around april this year in stock 


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Here's a trick i found with my w123 a few years ago when trying to buy the headlight 'door' as well which I was told was NLA.  SO the door wasn't available alone but the complete headlight housing including the metal casing and the plastic door was ready available and didn't cost that much more than the list price for just the door alone. 

Sorry, I am coming into this discussion late, but did you try the classic center? Call and ask Charles...he is awesome and if it can be found he will.

I am sure I am have a used one as well if your Ok with driver quality.

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I sold a mint used set a while ago on ebay for pretty much what I paid for them, if I recall it was $200 for the set, I changed out mine before I went to Euro lights so they were basically new when I sold them.  Seems like these have now gone NLA so the prices for NOS ones have hit the roof.
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Jed, great tip on the light assembly.  Showing available.  Price with my MB discount is only a little more than just the door.

Classic did confirm NLA on the right side.


Update.  Headlight assembly (with door) NLA.


I got super lucky and found a set in a junkyard a few years ago.

This is probably a piece that could be 3D printed if enough people wanted them.
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Quote from: Rolo on 11 January 2022, 03:31 PM
Update.  Headlight assembly (with door) NLA.

same here , i also tried Jeds tip to order the complete headlight assembly and the dealer site in germany said available , so i made contact and they emailed me back with the message that these parts are no longer available   


There are some decent looking ones on ebay, here is a set:
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Quote from: Malpaso44 on 07 January 2022, 12:53 PM
I hope this will work for you.

A big Thank You for the referral.  A little pricey considering NOS left side is $55.  The part arrived but not as described in the ad post.   It is Used as in was bolted to a car for maybe a few weeks.  It was like new with the paper part sticker in pristine condition.  Probably the last and best right side in the world.