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For any who are interested, I am almost complete with the restoration of my 1979 US Spec 450SEL 6.9. I bought this car on eBay for a very small amount. I did know it had a lot of rust but thought that it would be a nice cheap way of getting into M-100 motoring. The car was bought unseen and when I saw it I was shocked by the amount of rust on the car (it never looks as bad in the pictures). My thoughts were to drive the car for a while and then part it out or sell it along when something bad happens. The car may have ooked like crap, but it drove like a dream and handled so well. As a result, I got motivated to restore the car. I checked a few body shop any no one wanted to touch it with a 10 ft barge pole. If they did, they wanted 5 digit numbers. Eventually I found an outfit that was willing to take the job on. Work has been slow but steady and I have been documenting the progress. Please see for yourself on

Hi Alabassi,

That is certianly looking like an impressive restoration. I have been following your progress since the beginning and it really is great to see the quality work being done. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. It makes me want to tackle a restoration project only if I had the time and the space.


I live in a 1 bed apt and have two cars under restoration. I dont think space should be a constraint. Time Skill and Money certainly are :-(.

I also dip my hat to you :)

Where are your cars located when being restored? The only way I could imagine doing it is if I had at least a garage to fill and make a mess in. I don't even have a permanent home at the moment for my only car :(

The building I live in has underground parking. I rent two spaces there for my cars and will be keeping a car at Phil's.

The restoration is taking place at a back street bodyshop that is being run by two very talanted guys who are doing all the welding and painting.

The car should be out by the end of the week. I stopped by today and they just had the door seals fitted. As a result, the doors are a little tough to close but that said, it looks pretty nice. Bumpers and some trim and it should be done.

Next in line is the 280SEL. I stopped by the shop with it last week and they ran for cover. After explaining to them that although the 280 is an older model it was a Texas car and hence has zero rust. I plan to drive the car up to them and drive the 6.9 back.


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