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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - my best friend

Started by macatron, 29 March 2008, 04:59 PM


I have used these a couple of times on detailing tasks on my car.  For those that don't know, I think they were originally intended to remove marks from painted walls inside the house (I know they work great for this!).  They look like sponges and before using them, you get them wet.  They disolve as they are used.

First, one of my brake lines broke on my front wheel.  It threw brake fluid and brake dust all over and I just could NOT clean it off with soap and water.  I used a magic eraser (fairly light pressure) and it removed everything.  No hard scrubbing.  I cannot see a single negative effect on my wheel (my painted bundts aren't exactly perfect to begin with but are still fairly nice)...  Anyway, someone on the MB Club of America forum wasn't so sure about what I'd done but then has probably never used these.  He probably thinks I'm a clod that would use anything but I'm VERY careful.

Anyway, second application was for some oxidized and wax-stained bumper rubber trim.  Since I bought the car, the rubber had been stained and I accidentally got some wax on one part of the bumper that I didn't notice until it had dried (the Meguire's wax I use goes on almost clear and dries yellow).  Well, with VERY light scrubbing, the oxidation and the dried on wax was removed.  I have noticed no ill effects at all.  Since I've got the US battering rams, the rubber parts are sizable to say the least so you can imagine how much I'd like them to look nice.

In both cases, I wiped off the surface immediately after use.  If you don't, a chalky residue is left behind but that can easily be removed with a damp towel.

BTW, my brand new neighbor already commented that I seem a bit obsessed with my car.  Perhaps she's right... ;D ;D ;D