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MB-Tex seat issues

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That said, the excelsior pad indeed falls apart easily, but in 3 or so pieces: The actual horsehair is normally tucked in between 2 sheets with straps that are well fused to those round sheets. When those sheets seperate due to age, the horsehair piece itself will break out /gets squeezed out of that cover,  It's pretty tough material, and you should be able to squeeze it back in, after trimming it a minimum, after which one should be able to stitch the lot back together with f.e a shoe-sole stitching contraption. A regular shoe-shop can do it in minutes, if you prepare the job a little. It's worth it, for those pads do work, they are a lovely option, and I have never seen or heard of a NOS set. So, worth the easy fix. I gotta do them as well, that's how I know. I am gonna look at replacing the horsehair with a modern foam, 2-3 thin layers of medium PU and medium silicon-foam (memory foam. Or justtrim the horsehaior a little to allow for an extra sheet of modern foam on top.

If you're not a original fascinista, building those pads from scratch is a total breeze as well, compared to so many other upholstery jobs.


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Yes, 406 is lumbar support. 

Yes, 640 is Bundt wheels

Option code 665 is "Mode of packing VE I", which means it was shipped with 10 liters of fuel and and styropor coverings on the bumpers for protection during shipping.

Option code 206 is "Instruction manual and maintenance manual in Italian"

233 simply means that the front fog lamps were wired in such a way that they would only operate under conditions a particular country had set forth.  For example, only when the headlights are on or maybe they could be operated by themselves. 

309 Simply means that some countries did not allow rear fog lamps in the rear tail lights. Rear fog lamps were to be a separate fixture mounted away from the rear tail lamps.  Having a fog lamp integrated in to the tail lamp was viewed as unsafe by most of the world.  People would often think that someone was applying their brakes, but had one brake light burned out (since the right side tail lamp never had a fog lamp). 

1.  Regarding your pleating issue.....the seat needs to be removed, taken apart, and the covering removed.  Afterward, grab a hold of the felt/wool pleat pad and pull is back in it's place.

2.  Parchment velour is still available for W116 cars.  Please consider putting it back right one day.  The inside of a 6.9 is no place for MB-Tex or cheap vat dyed leather.

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Thanks very for the clarification/confirmation.  It's very, very helpful.  As for Item 1, that's what I figured.  I was searching for a shortcut, as always.  And as for Item 2, that's great news.   It never occurred to me so I never looked.  When you say "still available" does that mean from MB?  Or some other source?  I agree with your comment on the MB-tex and returning it to original would be great! 

A final question.  The car has the remnants of the strap-operated lumbar support.  This seems to be a rather rare option and for the life of me I can't find any info or pix of what it had inside the seat.  As it is, the straps just connect to an odd sheet of fiberboard that flaps around in there.  No cushion or pad on it.   I'd assume that whatever was there was discarded when they installed the MB-tex.  Does anybody know what was originally in there?  This is starting to look like a great project when winter arrives and the car is in storage. 

Thanks and Cheers,

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1.  No, not from Mercedes.  It's available from a few places in Europe, nut they only sell to upholstery shops or other retailers.  You'd have to figure out a way around that or buy it through an upholstery shop.  I can't remember the place(s) in Europe at the moment....I'm away from home.   So I'm afraid I haven't been of much use for this side of things. 

2. Regarding the lumbar support, it was merely a small excelsior pad that slid up and down a track with the straps.  It gave you extra support at the top, middle, or bottom of the seat backrest.  And anywhere in between, as well.  It's not supposed to flap around inside, so I have to assume the excelsior padding has since crumbled away.  In the picture below you can see how little there is to this system, as well as what the actual excelsior pad is supposed to look like.

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1.  I'm in no rush.  If you can find the info just post.  Others might also benefit.  I confess, this project isn't at the top of my list, especially after I had a sprinkler system pipe crack under my concrete driveway.  It now turns into a spring issuing from the crack between 2 slabs.  And that, I suspect, from having way, way too much water pressure after the pressure regulator died.   :-[
 I will say this in the MB-tex's defense - from a few feet away it looks like a new leather interior.  Casual lookers always assume it's leather.

2. That's the picture I could never find!  I have opened the seats and the pad is gone, no trace.  I suspect that it was discarded when seats were reupholstered. Thanks much, as always, and cheers,


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